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Frequently Asked Questions

A transmitter is placed into a location, usually in your garage. It sends out a radio signal through wire that is installed a few inches underground. Your dog wears the receiver/collar, the receiver/collar picks up the signal as your dog gets too close to the boundaries. The E-Collar Technologies receiver that we use is a modified TENS unit that can emit a warning tone, then applies E-Stim to alert your dog they are too close. We train you, to train your dog in phases to successfully train them to the boundaries.

We review different options, including pros/cons of different layouts, for each individual property with the owner. Upon agreeing on the best possible option, we install your fence ourselves. We don’t hire a crew or subcontract anyone to install your fence, you work with us directly as a local team. Stepping on your property as if it was our own, great care is taken in striving to install your fence perfectly. Your new fence is set up and flagged. We then teach you how to train your dog(s) with simple to follow phases to get your dog the freedom in your yard they deserve!

Much pride is taken when we’re able to leave a home and the only thing you can see is just temporary flags! We want your lawn and landscaping to remain as beautiful as it was when we first stepped on it. We promise you we will do everything possible to keep your dog(s) on your property. We will come out as much as needed (as long as our clients are doing their part to train).
We teach you to train them to the boundary. Using sight (flags), sound (warning tone), e-stim (collar correction) and leash pressure together, they learn quickly!
No. Our correction that we use is the only system on the market that uses e-stimulation compared to traditional static correction. E-stim is a widely used therapeutic modality used to help muscles; chiropractors are a great example who use e-stim. It’s used to alert your dog to the boundaries and stop his/her movement, but not hurt them or cause them harm.
  • Local family-run small business
  • Incredible attention to detail
  • Using E-Collar Technologies exclusive TENS technology E-Stimulation
  • Rechargeable waterproof collars that have a charge lasting a month-long
  • 14 gauge solid steel, solid copper encased wire. Nearly indestructible!

There are several benefits to a hidden fence such as:

  • No physical fenced upkeep
  • Does not change your landscape
  • Provides safety for your dog while also giving them the freedom to run around
  • Gives you the option of not having to walk your dog every time he/she has to relieve him/herself, especially in inclement weather
  • Some neighborhoods and cities have fencing laws or even prohibit physical fences altogether
  • Protects your dog form traffic, strangers, and any other dangers outside the boundary
  • Less expensive than a regular/conventional fence
Every dog, family, and property is unique, which is why we customize every system to meet your specific needs. Size of property, type of equipment purchased, and number of dogs on the system are all factors that must be considered when determining the final price. We always offer free quotes and many of the times we can offer a quote directly over the phone.
The fence is designed to cover up to 50 acres and we can install in most terrains.
One of the major advantages of our system is that you can have unlimited dogs on one system and each collar is easily, individually programmed for each specific dog.
Yes – the system can work for cats.
We highly suggest that you take the electronics/collars with you and then call us for rewiring at your new property. There will be a discounted price for just the rewire vs a brand new complete system.
The major key to success with the underground fence system is following through on the easy to follow training method that we walk you through at the end of the install. You must train your dog to the boundary in order for the fencing system to be successful for you and your dog.